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Udaipur (Rajasthan)

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Rajasthan has a rich and colourful history that makes it one of the most admired tourist destinations in India. The home of the heroic Rajputs known for their bravery and loyalty, Rajasthan is said to have been a region where human settlement dated back to the early historical period.

Gifted with natural beauty and rich history, Rajasthan is a popular tourist destination in India. Rajasthan is situated in the north west of India and is known as the most colourful region of India. The landscape of Rajasthan is very gorgeous and the people adorn interesting customs. Witness to a great royal past, Rajasthan is endowed with extraordinary forts and palaces. The landscape has its own variety from lofty hills to simmering sand dunes, thus contributing different tourist attractions of nature and wildlife. It has strange combination in all its forms - people, customs, culture, attires, music and cuisine.

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